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Our Values
     passion for work | determination for success | trust       love to learn | innovation | integrity | flexibility
About Us
Who we are
     In UniPro we always welcome new challenges and opportunities with joy. Being relentless in our efforts to deliver innovative services we capitalize on our 15 years of experience in designing, installing and support of building automations, wireless networks, security systems, call centers as well as in the interconnection of different technological systems.
    We have an instinct about upcoming technology breakthroughs but mostly we care to know and listen what our customers really need. This is the reason why in the first place we stood out as a market leader in our base, in the small but universally known for its high-end service standards, island of Mykonos. 
         Our long-standing relationships built with our clientele we believe is the strongest proof.      Word of mouth is our best advertising, and therefore it did not take long for UniPro to be approached by daring customers overseas. Since then we have expanded our presence and left our digital imprints speak for us in important projects in the rest of Greece and abroad.
    Having been certified by the KNX Association as an 'advanced integrator & partner' for the installation of the homonymous technology that is the only global and pan-European open standard building specification in building automation, Unipro designs, implements and supports the so-called "intelligent buildings" or "smart homes".     We integrate the individual electrical, mechanical and electronic systems and components of a building such as the lighting, the sound and video, cooling and heating systems, the security systems and the data networks into a single managed network from a central control point, while personalizing and automating their functions in the perfect way that meets the client’s demands.
What we do
    Whether it is a large project or a private residence, the intelligent building offers multiple and parallel benefits and functionalities such as energy savings, better allocation of human resources , centralized, quick and easy control, security, configuration of specific and automated scenarios for distinct rooms  (depending on mood, temperature, light etc.), handling of audio and video (A / V) in each room from a single point, access control of the premises, remote operation management, surveillance and measurement systems, fault reporting-to name but a few.
How we do it
    What actually distinguishes us in UniPro is our perspective: The client must be above systems and structures and not subordinate to them.  With that in mind, our dedicated and highly experienced stuff designs, under client’s guidance, custom-made exclusive interfaces for the implemented systems visualized on selected controls (tablets or pc) so that they really are user -friendly, functional, personalized and aesthetically harmonized to the customers space.     The philosophy of our selected technologies is such that in our solutions we can incorporatea vast range of materials and applications coming from hundreds different manufacturers. In this way, we give you not only all the flexibility to match them with your current and future requirements and aesthetics, but also the ability to delimit your costs according to your own budget.
Mykonos Joint Venture
    Especially for projects realized in Mykonos Greece, we have co-founded a leading-edge joint venture that merges the two close-related business sectors which specialize in electrical and mechanical engineering projects. The aim is to provide you a holistic assessment and support of your project and facilitate feedback between all parts involved.
Additionally, the scientific background of our human resources is such that it can support integrated solutions in the whole spectrum of existing applications and not only in individual fields and systems. Flexibility, adaptability and expansibility are key characteristics of the solutions that we propose you so that in the long run your investment is future- proof.